lemon poppyseed pound cake

May 11, 2014 § 4 Comments

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I am not entirely sure what kind of audience this blog attracts (I’m guessing mostly hungry high school girls and my little sister), but to any mamas reading this: happy Mother’s Day!!

I could write forever about how great moms are, but instead I’ll just tell you about how great this cake is because then you can bake this cake for your mom, thereby letting her know for herself just how great she is. Simple solutions.

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Perhaps I should start by mentioning that my AP Gov prep book and I have been engaging in a stare-down for the past three days. Try as I might, I cannot bring myself to open it. Instead, I’ve been taking part in other wild pursuits, such as searching for the perfect mother’s day cake, baking said cake, decorating the cake, and eating the cake. I think that probably accounts for three days of lost studying time.

Perhaps I should also mention that I don’t particularly enjoy baking cakes.

Sometimes baking is the ultimate stress-relief – there’s something therapeutic about tossing together ingredients, watching the mixer whir the butter and sugar into a creamy mess, and kneading dough with your bare hands.

But baking also involves lots of clean-up, a Mt. Everest of dirty dishes, greasy globs of butter flying everywhere – none of which I enjoy. (or maybe I’m just an amateur?? Is there a way around all of this?)

Somehow cakes stress me out because they always take me forever. Don’t ask me why, I’m not really sure myself. But I spent way too long in the kitchen this weekend to end up with a simple one-layer, bare-sided lemon cake.

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ALL of this is to say: THIS IS A GOOD CAKE!

I’ll admit I was slightly grumpy about how it was turning out yesterday, but it was worth it. Especially since it was for my #1 baking/life fan, mother dearest.

The recipe notes were right – the crumb is denser than a typical lemon cake. The cake is not light and fluffy, but it’s delicious, sunny and citrusy, and pairs perfectly with the poppyseed buttercream.

Also noted in the recipe: be sure not to overbake it. That happened with my second attempt, which failed miserably despite my attempts to mask its dryness with a heap of sugary frosting.

I should probably leave now to study…or listen to this song again….but head on over to Joy the Baker for the recipe for this lovely cake!

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§ 4 Responses to lemon poppyseed pound cake

  • Ashley Xue says:

    WOW this is beautiful

  • agentjustyna says:

    You just gave me a mini heart attack because I thought I forgot about Mother’s Day. Then I remembered that in Poland we celebrate it on the 26th of May. That’s a relief.
    I love your photos! This cake looks very tasty.
    Oh, and as far as your audience goes – i’m 23. Not a high school girl anymore, but definitely not a mom yet, haha.

    • Caitlin {doughing it right} says:

      Hahaha sorry for the heart attack! And thank you so much! It’s pretty cool to think someone all the way in Poland is reading this little blog :)

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