minion cupcakes

June 4, 2014 § 6 Comments

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I lived eighteen years without ever trying a Twinkie. That was, until I saw these cupcakes floating around the Internet and decided they were perfect for my friend Ashley’s birthday.

Just kidding, I didn’t even try one when I made these…I actually just went to my pantry right now and ate half a leftover Twinkie for the sake of legitimacy. Don’t think I’m a fan, but if you love them I will not judge you.

Regardless of your feelings toward Twinkies, you have to admit these cupcakes are pretty cute and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a teeeny bit proud of them.

They’re fairly easy too! You can watch this video tutorial or follow these simple steps:

  1. Make your favorite cupcakes
  2. Frost them with your favorite frosting, dyed blue with food coloring
  3. Take your Twinkies and cut them in half
  4. Use black frosting to draw goggles and a face
  5. Press on two white Smarties for eyes and use the black frosting to draw pupils
  6. Stick in a few brown or black sprinkles for hair
  7. Attach minion to the cupcake!

And here are my tips and tricks for achieving minion perfection:

  1. Use blue cupcake liners if you want to match the minion’s overalls
  2. Heap on a generous dollop of frosting so the Twinkies stay in place. Mine kind of dried out so I put a thin outline of frosting “glue” around them. In terms of aesthetics, my frosting job was regrettable but at least the minions stayed put.
  3. Develop a love of Smarties candy. I could only find a huge pack and just needed a few of the white ones for the eyes, so now I have at least 50 rolls of Smarties sitting around. If anyone from school who likes Smarties is reading this, please comment below…
  4. Listen to this song for inspiration

By the end I took a step back and realized I had raised up an army of minions…it was a powerful feeling.

Not sure if that’s weird or not, but either way I recommend making these cupcakes for the Despicable Me lover in your life!




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