nutella babka

November 29, 2014 § 4 Comments

nutella babka | doughing it right

Honestly I’ve been dying to post a new recipe just so I could show off the newest addition to my kitchen wardrobe:

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I almost melted into a happy puddle of tears and snot when my friend gave me this apron for my birthday. When I finally had the opportunity to bake this weekend, I knew that a gift such as this required the ultimate recipe for its inauguration – and as my friend cautioned, “you can only break your apron’s baking-ginity once.”

Thus, with a convicted heart and an electric mixer in hand, I decided to tackle my most formidable challenger: yeast, in the form of nutella babka.

nutella babka | doughing it right

Yeast is not a fan of me. You might remember my yeast-phobia, which is not without good reason – soft pretzels that were more school-cafeteria than Auntie-Anne’s, Hawaiian bread that never actually rose, cinnamon rolls that kind of tasted like bacteria (if that’s possible??) – no matter how hard I tried to make it work between us, my efforts were for naught.

But that nutella babka recipe had been taunting me ever since I first heard nutella babka was even a thing, and besides, I couldn’t pass up a challenge.

So I gave it a try. And it turns out that yeast is not as frightening of a creature as I thought! It still makes me a little jittery and I can’t help feeling like I’m doing something wrong, but by some miracle things worked out okay this time. I want to say it was all due to my kitchen prowess and baker’s intuition, or that yeast has turned around and changed its feelings about me, but who am I kidding…it was the apron. Nevermore will I bake without this sacred garment.

nutella babka | doughing it right

nutella babka | doughing it right

nutella babka | doughing it right

This amazing recipe is from one of my favorite food bloggers, Molly Yeh. You can find the recipe right here!

Oh, and I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I’m a bit late, but there will be an apple pie post sometime this week :)

Lots and lots of love,



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